31th RC LACE Steering Committee, 17-18 September 2018
LACE DAWD & ALADIN DAsKIT WD, 19-21 September 2018
Bucharest, Romania

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Transport in Bucharest:

There are several possibilities to go from/to the airport:

    By public transport

    Once in the hall of the "Arrivals" building, go downstairs, on the ground floor, by using the escalator. Near the exit door, you will readily see the bus-stop indicator for EXPRESS BUS no. 783 and the ticket kiosk, where you can buy the necessary no name-required electronic travel cards (see the route, see the electronic card). Full timetable of the 783 bus: from airport and to airport.

    You can buy this electronic card for "4,7 RON" and it must be recharged with a certain amount (min. 2,6 RON and max. 50 RON) and it can be used for each kind of public transport in Bucharest, except metro (buses, trams, express lines and night buses).

    Details on the buses schedule can be found at: http://www.ratb.ro (see search menu on top right of the page).

    One way tickets prices:

  • 1. buses, trams - 1,3 RON
  • 2. express lines (783, 780) - 3,5 RON
  • 3. metro - 2,5 RON
  • Card validation:

  • 1. The correct validation is confirmed by a short sound, the green lights and the message "Călătorie plăcută!" shown on the validating machine.
  • 2. More information about your available amount can be found by pressing 1 (on the left part of the validating machine).
  • 3. If you want to add one more traveler, you can use the same card and this operation can be performed by pressing 2 (on the right part of the validating machine).

  • On the bus, ticket inspectors may ask your card for control and the fine for travelling without a ticket is of 50 RON.

    By taxi

    Kiosks with digital display allow ordering a taxi in many international languages. They are situated in the arrival area. The passengers could chose the Taxi company; the race price per kilometer is displayed for each available company.

    The passenger order is routed directly to the taxi company. The company logo is displayed and the passenger can easily recognize that the company wants. The print bill contains details about the chosen company, the machine index, estimated time until arrival at the car, dispatch phone number and valid email address for suggestions and complaints.

    Another possibility (new) is to take the taxi from the station which is located at the exit of the terminal.

    A fair taxi price is 1.7 - 3.5 RON/km .

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